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OJ The Lost Confession - Set Build
A Christmas Story Live!
Lip Sync Battle
Behind the scenes
Coffee Run!
Production 101 Class!
Taraji P. Henson White Hot Holidays
Teen Choice Awards 2016!
Duck Dynasty
American Idol
Crew Setting Up
MTV Networks Credentials
Backstage at American Idol
Hotel Living!
MTV Senseless Acts of Video
Control Center
Green Screen
Crew Credentials
Control Room
Punk'd 2.0
Leading the Crew!
Watching The Monitor
Crew Girls
Crew Meeting
Going over the script for the day
Directing in Film School
Shoot at the Beach
Working that 16mm!
Gear! Gear! Gear!
Life Flight Trauma Center Houston
All Smiles!
Crew Meal
Happy Day!
Swamp Thing!
Long Days
Phoebe's Phone Calls
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